Creamy Vegan Mayo

OK so this is probably the most useful little recipe in your arsenal if you’re vegan, but also if you’re allergic to eggs or dairy or are just looking for a healthy alternative.  So just translate the word ‘vegan’ into allergy friendly and healthy (unless you don’t eat soy, in which case look away now).

This ‘mayonnaise’ can be used as dips, sandwich spread, creamy pasta sauce, stroganoff sauce, the “cream” in cream of (insert preferred vegetable) soup….The possibilities and combos are endless. 


The base for the recipe is:

1 carton of tofu (I find Yutaka to be the best), approx 4 tbsp lemon juice and 4 tbsp olive oil (or rapeseed), salt & pepper. Simply blend together.

To that you can then add garlic, herbs, cayenne….any other spices you fancy really. 


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