Creamy Pesto Wholewheat Pasta

Creamy pesto wholewheat pasta. A lovely starchy meal to end the day. It’s usually evening when people start to get sugar cravings  because they haven’t eaten enough during the day, or they’ve had too many high sugar foods or refined carbohydrate foods like bread. Basically lots of empty calories, not enough nutrients. Wholewheat pasta is great to incorporate into an evening meal. It’s full of fibre as well as complex carbohydrates which will even out blood sugar and make you feel full, so you’re less likely to reach for the snacks at 9pm! 


Saying that though, if you do get really hungry late at night, just eat. But choose wisely. A piece of fruit,  some vegetables sticks, even an egg white omelette if you eat eggs. You don’t want to be consuming high calorie/high sugar/high fat foods before laying still for 8 hours!


Remember the kale pesto and garlic & herb tofu mayo? Just add pasta 🙂


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