Moo Milk

Dairy. Ugh. Why? We’re all like minded here so I wont bang on. 

I would say that I’m a moral vegan and a health vegan too. To me dairy is just the most unnatural substance to put in your body. I am a grown woman, I was weaned at six months old, I have no requirement for breast milk. And, my children are not cattle. Cruelty free all the way. Why wouldn’t you?Image

Plus it’s way fattening and my booty needs no encouragement to get any bigger thank you! 

There’s the allergy aspect too, I mean literally everyone has a dairy allergy. True story.  (Disclaimer: may not be 100% accurate, don’t quote me). I jest of course 😉

Anyway, for those of you who don’t consume dairy for whatever reason, be it choice or allergy, there’s no need to miss out on cheesy creamy sauces! Just get it from plants instead! THERE’S A CHEESE PLANT?? 😉 no, not exactly but you can make ok ‘cheese’ from soy. To make this beautiful creamy, ‘cheesy’ sauce you will need:

Soy or other dairy free milk

English mustard

Plain flour

Dairy free ‘butter’

Soy cheese (I use Tesco Free From Smoked soy cheese, the non-smoked is just gross, I wouldn’t recommend it!)

Pictured is creamed leeks but you can use the sauce for whatever you fancy.

Make a roux with the ‘butter’, flour and milk (YouTube this or ask and I’ll explain, it’s easy)

When thick enough add 1 tsp mustard, some grated ‘cheese’, a little garlic powder and seasoning. 

Voila! Reduced fat ‘cheese’ sauce.



3 thoughts on “Moo Milk

  1. Yay!! I love non-dairy creamy cheezy treats! There is this fabulous restaurant called Hugo’s that makes the most amazing gluten free dairy free mac n cheese… it seriously tastes like a sin! I believe theirs is a cashew cheese!

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