Sunday Sweethearts

Ok so I know it’s not Sunday but it was when I made these. How sweet! Vegan, raw, gorgeous.

Having a healthy lifestyle, or being vegan, or having food intolerances doesn’t mean having to miss out of the good stuff! In fact, these are all the better for being healthy and nutritious! There’s no worse feeling than eating something, enjoying it, but knowing deep down that it was total junk. Oh the guilt! Every food has a healthy alternative, including the sweet stuff! So put them on the menu!

These are pure dark chocolate cups with coconut cream and a little blended raspberry. Simply melt the chocolate (as pure as you can get it for no added sugar or evil dairy), fill some flexi moulds half way then dollop in the coconut cream and berries. Freeze for 30 minutes. (You could use your own raw chocolate if you prefer).

Antioxidants and vitamins from the berries and chocolate and gorgeous essential fats from the coconut cream. Beautiful!

1394796089443 1394796184719 choc-hearts.jpg


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