Oats in the Raw

Who doesn’t love oats? I love oats, you love oats, my kids LOVE oats, my dog loves oats…you get the picture. But, these guys aren’t into loving us back, especially if we’re cooking them from dry. Phytic acid is the bad boy in this scenario. It’s present in all grains and it basically keeps those lovely nutrients locked in. So most of that iron, zinc, biotin, manganese and other antioxidants just get, well, pooped out to put it bluntly.

The key to unlocking the nutrients from grains is to release the phytase. This is done quite simply by soaking them overnight so the phytase can dissolve the phytic acid and release the goods. Got that? Good. Now you have really cool raw overnight oats that you’ve heard about on all of those raw food blogs. Plus, you’ve nurtured all of those lovely friendly bacteria whose job it is to look after your tum and immune defences (in basic terms anyway).

Do you have to eat them cold? Nope. Give them a warm in the microwave if you fancy something hot. Top with homemade granola and raw jam and voila! Enjoy x

**Place your oats in a bowl, add a little milk (dairy free is your healthiest option) and leave overnight.Breakfast bowl


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